Be Bold.

About Ampersand

The Power of AND

We have been at the forefront of creating fund solutions that allow investors to gain access to diversifying futures-based trading strategies.

The well-known hypothesis put forth by Harry Markowitz, Modern Portfolio Theory, suggests that investment portfolios should be diversified as much as possible in order to improve their risk-adjusted returns. That said, over the years it has been our experience that most investment portfolios tend to be under-diversified, mainly because “making room” for diversifiers by selling core holdings involves an opportunity cost.

Ampersand Portfolio Solutions solves this problem; by “extended diversification,” using bespoke overlays, investors can earn higher risk-adjusted returns while managing risk. As a fringe benefit, this strategy also offers RIAs and mutual funds an opportunity to grow by differentiating themselves from their competitors.

the tough questions


Ampersand Portfolio Solutions was created on the premise that the greatest way to manage a portfolio is to add to it, challenging the idea that a portfolio has to be built based on “either/or” decisions. This innovative and ground-breaking approach to asset management has received tremendous feedback and generated several thought-provoking questions. Below we’ve compiled the most common question encountered in our discussions with asset managers.