Evolving with Investors' Needs in Mind

Since 2003, Equinox has worked with asset managers to build better investment portfolios using investments that have expressed very low correlations to equity and fixed income securities, especially during times of market stress.

About the Portfolio

The Power of AND

A straightforward question highlights the biggest impediment we’ve encountered to building markedly superior portfolios for investment managers:

Which investments should I sell (or forgo) to maintain a meaningful exposure to alternative investments?

This challenging question inspired the formation of Ampersand Portfolio Solutions. We believe that the best way to manage a portfolio is to add to it.

the tough questions


Ampersand Portfolio Solutions was created on the premise that the greatest way to manage a portfolio is to add to it, challenging the idea that portfolio has to be built based on “either/or” decisions. This innovative and ground-breaking approach to asset management has received tremendous feedback and generated several thought-provoking questions. Below we’ve compiled the most common question encountered in our discussions with asset managers.